In the traffic the right way

What a chaotic world, uh?
We are all together, but everyone is alone at the end of all.

We run, run, run, everyday. Due to instant communication, we are reached by thousand of messages, calls, link, reminder, email, notifications, everyday. What a mess for our privacy. Yep, our privacy is gone.

Our deepest and inner privacy is gone.

We don’t talk to us anymore. As human being, in my opinion, we should stay at least one or two hours everyday thinking about us, as individual, as a family, and looking for some answer that we had locked for so much time inside us.

Due this never-ending run, our brain’s behavior has changed and now we usually forget our first nature. What I’m talking about? I’m talking about that young smiley, 1.2 meters long, 6 years old boy/girl we were.

This blog is born to give digital birth to a fucking rebel spirit that never leaves me alone, neither when I was 6.

Now I’m 26 and after 20 years, I’m still running as in the picture: against common sense. And yellow taxis.

stay tuned,



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